Custom Portfolios


A Tailored Investment Strategy. 

Custom portfolios can help you pursue a variety of different investment goals, either with the guidance of a Financial Advisor or self-directed if you wish to manage your own investment portfolio. A custom portfolio can support your retirement plan or another financial goal. A Financial Advisor will help you evaluate your current assets, financial goals, and attitudes toward risk to develop a personal investment strategy.


  • Maximum flexibility to invest in thousands of publicly traded securities including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), U.S. Treasuries, Brokered CDs, or unit investment trusts (UITs)
  • Professional advice and management to create and maintain a personalized investment plan
  • Flexibility in titling your account
  • Online account access and trading
  • Detailed monthly statements and a comprehensive year-end tax statement
  • Receive more than SIPC account protection1






  • Capital gains and income are taxed.
  • Estate planning and account titling decisions should be discussed with your tax advisor.
  • Retirement planning – No maximum contribution limits, so investments outside your qualified plans can be a good next step when you have contributed the maximum to your IRAs and employer-sponsored plans; however, they do not have the tax advantages of an IRA.



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