Order Routing

On November 17, 2000, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission adopted Exchange Act Rules 11Ac1-5 and 11Ac1-6 to provide further visibility to the investing public regarding the execution quality of the securities markets and the order routing practices of registered brokerage firms.

Rule 11Ac1-5 generally requires market centers that trade national market securities to make available to the public monthly electronic reports that include uniform statistical measures of execution quality for market orders or limit orders received or executed during regular market trading hours.

Rule 11Ac1-6 generally requires broker/dealers that route customer orders in national system securities, NASDAQ SmallCap equities, and listed options to make publicly available quarterly reports that disclose venues to which they route non-directed orders. It also requires broker/dealers to disclose the nature of any relationship they have with those venues, including any payment for order flow arrangements.

A copy of this quarterly report is available to Commerce Customers by clicking on the link below. You may review the report online or obtain a copy by electing to print the report directly from the web site. You may also request a copy of our most recent quarterly report be provided, without charge, by writing us at 1000 Walnut Suite 201, Kansas City, Missouri 64106 or by phoning 816-234-2416 or 1-800-772-7283.

The report will compile order routing statistics for all Commerce Brokerage Services clients for that particular quarter. The provisions of Rule 11Ac1-6 also require Commerce Brokerage to provide, upon request, information regarding the venues to which your particular account orders were routed. Requests regarding your particular account must be made by writing us at 1000 Walnut Suite 201 Kansas City, Missouri 64106.

Information regarding your account for the prior six months is available for the following types of requests:

  • Order Routing history for all of your account orders
  • Order Routing history for a specific date or date range (within the last 6 months)
  • Order Routing for a specific security traded in your account based upon its symbol
  • Order Routing for a specific security traded in your account based upon its symbol and date range

As customers of Commerce Brokerage Services, Inc we encourage you to review the order execution and order routing information contained in our most recent quarterly report.

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Previous Order Routing reports.

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Order Flow Practices (SEC Rule 607 Disclosure)

Commerce Financial Advisors is a customer of National Financial Services LLC (NFS) where NFS provides certain securities clearance services. Commerce Financial Advisors does not receive compensation for directing order flow


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