David Wynn, CFA®, Portfolio Manager

David is a portfolio manager with Commerce Trust Company. Upon gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and goals as well as assessing the client’s entire financial situation, he works with our investment research team to construct a portfolio to help clients achieve their long-term goals. David comprehensively represents our research- and goals-based investment process, from the initial assessment and creation of an investment objective to ongoing evaluation and adjustments based on changing market and life circumstances. With a deep knowledge of the market and experience in investment management, he serves clients with thought leadership, insight, and consulting services." Prior to joining Commerce, David created and implemented the equity investment process and was responsible for individual security selection and allocation. He has also worked as an investment officer with responsibility of investment management for the firm’s high net worth clients. David earned his bachelor of science degree in finance at Brigham Young University in 1996. He has successfully completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. David is also a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research and the Investment Analysts Society of Chicago. He currently serves on the investment committee at the Community Foundation. David also serves as the committee chair for BSA Troop 282. David enjoys spending time with family and serving my community. His also enjoys reading, learning new skills, home improvement and woodworking projects.

Staying Confident During Turbulent Markets

Financial markets often experience highly volatile conditions during periods of economic transition like we’re currently experiencing. When market conditions appear to become unfavorable or economic news becomes unsettling, the uncertainty can prompt some investors to head for the exits and ask questions later. At Commerce Financial Advisors, we believe staying focused on long-term financial or retirement goals requires the ability to navigate through all market cycles.