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2022 Outlook

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2022 looks to be a year of economic transition. We anticipate that we will move from a stimulus-driven economy to one that begins to be a self-sustaining economy, yet still strong. While the path might be uncomfortable at the outset, we think a shift from a supply-constrained world to one that begins to expand manufacturing capacity and relieve the bottlenecks and logjams currently hampering the economy is approaching. Later in 2022, we think the current episodic inflationary environment we are now experiencing will begin to subside.  

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No doubt some level of influence from the pandemic will continue with virus variants being combatted by improved therapeutics and continued headway in vaccinations, but we envision progress both domestically and globally, nonetheless.

As we gradually recoup the global economic capacity stunted by the pandemic, the world will steadily restock its empty shelves. Financial headlines could be focused on turbulence along the way, so we have entitled this Year-end Outlook issue, “Rebuilding to Meet Demand."

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